In a few African cultures witches are thought to assemble in cannibal covens, often at graveyards or close to a fireplace, to feast around the blood which they, like vampires, extract from their victims. Should they take the soul from a victim’s physique and keep it in their possession, the victim will die. Like Those people in Western society su… Read More

I’ve just came upon your website. I bought a List of oracle tarot cards a couple of years in the past but I don’t rely on them all That always. I just study for myself. Tonight when buying cards my palms began tingling about three cards which can be how I discovered you but I’m just pondering if this has happened to some other person.I have a… Read More

Folks have an inclination to are convinced all they need is just a bit bit more and they will be high-quality. Nearly always, that’s not the case. You will find there's renowned expression: “money just slips by way of youra tendency to stick all-around. Occasionally it could be the place exactly where enterprise is executed. Very often nega… Read More

The images are sensitive, Pretty, enchanting. They quietly attract you close up. Quickly, you happen to be struck by the facility and energy of each card. Just as the heady perfume of a great blossom can transportation you back in time for you to a pleasant memory or to a place of poetic dreaminess, these flower spirits will take you to a different… Read More